South-Africa: Kwazulu Natal – Part 2

20-12-2014 until 02-01-2015
Thanda – Thonga Beach Lodge. 


On first Christmasday we drove from Thanda Game Reserve to Thonga Beach Lodge in Thanda. Five relaxingdays were waiting for us.

Day 1. 

On the first day we didn’t do anything. A bit of relaxing, some sunshine, a good book and a wine or a cocktail in our hands. No problem at-all. I love days like these!

Day 2. 

Our lodges had a view on the Ocean and we immediately saw the ocean was really rough. Swimming was possible but I prefer a bit of paddling. But today there was no paddling on the program, we we’re going for some snorkeling! It was very hard getting the boat into the water but: we did it. We needed a lot of manpower and a lot of patience, but it worked . On our way to a great snorkeling place we crossed a beautiful Dolphin family. Our guide jumped into the water to check if it was safe enough for us to jump into the water. After a few minutes she gave us the signal: free to go! It was amazing and it felt like a dream.  When you put your head under water you heard the Dolphins communicating with each other, so special! There was also a little baby who was swimming to me all the time, while mommy was picking her up. Again, and again, aind again. How special is this underwater world?
Day 3. 

The last day in Thonga Beach Lodge! It was almost time to leave Thonga Beach, but not before we’ve visited a real African wedding and not before we saw the tortoise laying her eggs.

I knew African weddings are very different then the weddings we’re used to. If we knew the Bride & Groom? No. Not at all.  We’ve never seen them before. Secretly: I felt a bit uncomfortable being there. But the Newlyweds were very happy to see us and they welcomed us super friendly. The whole village came to this wedding and I think it was the biggest wedding I’ve ever seen. I was especially very impressed because of the slaughtered cows – this was a wedding gift of the father of the bride.

In the evening we’ve got into the car to look for the tortoises and before we knew we saw one. This was so special, this animal is so huge! The process of laying those eggs is quite interesting. They come out of the water, search for a good spot, spit a hole for the eggs and they can start! Those tortoises can’t see anything when it is dark, so they are walking to the light when they are going back to the ocean – they are walking to the  light of the moon – and they are walking to the dark when they have to find a spot for the eggs – and so they are walking to the beach. I love those nature things.
Umhlanga Rocks – Oyster Box Hotel.  

On December the 30th we travelled a bit further. We went to Umhlanga Rocks – to the Oyster Box Hotel!

This was the last part of our trip and we stayed here for three nights. Those days at Oyster Box were super relaxing. We didn’t do anything else except from sunbathing and getting a tan before heading back to the Netherlands.