Day 30 – 43. Koh Lipe, Krabi & Koh Phi Phi – Thailand.

3 May – 11 May: Koh Lipe.

The beauty of the island Koh Lipe is something you can’t picture or discribe. The first 6 nights we slept in a beautiful bamboo hut on the beach. The first thing you see when you wake up is the beach and the sea.

We spent a whole day snorkling with Madelon & Shirley – we’ve met those Dutch girls in the bus to Cameron Highlands and they were our neighbours on the beach;). It was beautifull. So much coral and so many fishes. Something we didn’t expect was the presence of só many Asian people at the same snorkling place. The only problem was the swimming part: they couldn’t. You saw dozens of Asian people with lifejackets holding their guide. It was hilarious.

Kas and I were  happy that we took our surfshirts. The sun is so dangerous. After snorkling for not even an hour (and we did use suncream 50+) our back was totally burned.

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Friday was an exciting day. Kas wanted to do the Padi course and he was prepared to do this alone. I tried diving many times, but I always had equalize problems. I gave it a last shot. Frans – our Dutch instructor – gave me tips and tricks and before I knew.. I was 5 meters underwater without a problem. So we decided to do the Padi course together. We did 2 open water dives four days in a row and everyday some theory. Sunday we had the exam of all the theory – of course we passed;-) – and Monday it was time for the real exam: 2 openwater dives. It went smooth and at the end of the day we were the happy owners of our Padi!

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It were 4 full days of diving, but in the evening we had dinner at the beach, drank cocktails and met a girl who stole my heart. We were drinking beers at the Sawasdee Bar in Walking street. We were talking with the owner when a small, pretty blond haired girl with brown eyes walked in. The 7-year old daughter of the owner. Her name is Noy, born in Canada but moved to Koh Lipe with her mom when she was a baby. She plays violin, guitar and drums. She speaks fluently Thai, English and French. She speaks a bit Dutch, Spanish and Denish but she’s now learning herself Chinese. Just because it’s fun and she loves to talk with everybody. She’s not scared of anything – ‘if I’m afraid of spiders and cockroaches there’s no way I can even take a shower. No, I really love all the animals.’ – and of all the animals she loves horses the most. She has never seen a horse but when she’s older she will move to a farm with hundreds of horses. We came back to this bar many times, just to see Noy. This kid is amazingly sweet, listens very well and she’s super wise. She reminded me of Mowgli (Junglebook).
11 May – 12 May: Krabi

It was time to say goodbye to Koh Lipe, the most beautiful island we’ve ever seen. We took the speedboat to Pakbara and the minivan to Krabi. Due to the lowseason there are no boats from Lipe to another island, so the traveltime is a bit longer than usual. In Krabi we slept in Pak-Up Hostel in a dorm with 4 other Dutchies – men, Dutch people are real travellers ;-). We had dinner at a nightmarket and had fresh fish from the barbecue – we had a whole (!) tuna for 7 euro’s.

12 May -16 May: Koh Phi Phi.
Other travellers and websites warned us for the party vibe on this island. For this reason we decided to book a room uphill and not on the beach. The room was 10 minutes from the beach and had a good price of 5 euros per night. A good deal, despite the constant drunk owner.

The first night we realized how crazy loud the music was. We heard everything in our room: goodbye sleep. They warned us for a party island, but it’s even worse. This is Chersonissos 2.0. There are só many tourists and half of them is drunk 24/7. People ordering Mojito’s and buckets at 11 in the morning is quite normal. For woman the dresscode was clearly ‘less is more’ – girls were partying in something that was even léss then a bikini. Kas was totally fine with this dresscode though;).

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Besides this, Koh Phi Phi is a beautiful Island. The beaches are white, the sea is light blue and the local people are super friendly. On the Island you’ve many restaurants on the beach and every night Koh Phi Phi gave us magical sunsets. The sunset amazed us everytime again and we enjoyed it many times with some drinks in the sand. Unfortunately we could’t do the dive on Phi Phi that we hoped for due to an infection on Kas his knee.

16th of May: Phuket.

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We arrived in Phuket and took a minivan straight to the Bangkok Hospital because Kasper still had the infection after the treatments on Phi Phi. Before we knew the doctor brought Kas to the OR and cutted the wounds open. “Come here, take a look” the doctor said to me. I didn’t know if this was a good plan but I was too curious. Ugh, I won’t describe it and will spare you the details, but it was the most nasty thing I’ve ever (if you are curious you can look at the picture above, but I warned you;)). The doctor smiled and laughed about my face. I think I was a bit pale.. The doctor told Kas to take some rest and come back every day to clean the wounds.

Luckily we stay in a beautiful room in a great resort. We booked a normal room but because of the lowseason – and also because they feel sorry for Kas – they upgraded us to the most beautiful room. We are sleeping like a prins and princess and it’s a good place for Kas to get better. We will stay here for at least a week, we will not leave untill Kas is recovered.

For now we make the best of it. We spent some time at the pool, watch Netflix and I buy as much icecreams as he wants. Hopefully it helps so we can continue our trip soon.

Day 24-30. Cameron Highlands & Georgetown – Malaysia

27th of April – 30th of April: Cameron Highlands

The drive to Cameron Highlands was faster and smoother then we expected. With 2 Dutch girls we traveled to the beautiful village that’s famous because of the tea estates. We didn’t see many Dutch people yet but this changed as soon as we arrived in Cameron Highlands. They were everywhere.


We stayed at Fahter’s Guesthouse which is a clean and peaceful place to stay. And good news for me; the restaurant next door served fruits with yogurt in the morning.

We arrived at the end of the day so after a refreshing shower we looked for a restaurant called ‘Gossip Corner’. I red in the hostel something about this place and they sell the biggest burgers (as big as your plate). We had lots of Indian food so we would love a Western meal. Unfortunately we couldn’t find it and the people told us this place doesn’t exist anymore. Poor Kas, he was so much looking forward to this burger.. At Juice Delight – where they have the best fruitbowls and fresh juices – we saw a hamburger on the menu. After a while the owner served us the hamburgers with a big smile. The burger was HUGE. I looked at the owner and saw something on his shirt that surprised me, and made me smile; ‘Gossip Corner’. We found it. The burger was good but we didn’t like the bones in the chickenburger – yes, that’s how the Asian make the Western food.

The next day we had a relaxingday. We had a coffee at intercontinal coffee, did some reading and decide to do a 2,5 hour hike. It was a perfect hike with lots of naughty monkeys who joined us.The dinner we had this evening was ‘t very succesful either. We ate some Indianfood but as soon as I found a cochlea in my noodles I wasn’t hungry anymore.

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Friday we booked a full day tour. A crazy Malasian guide picked us up and together with a family from Singapore we drove 1,5 hours. We did a 2 hour hike through the woods but: with a mission. We were looking for the Rafflesia flower. The largest individual flower on earth. The flower lives only 7 days and because of this it’s very difficult to find. But we found it! This flower grows to a diameter of around one meter but the greatest measurement is 105 centimeters and weights up to 11kg. We had lunch at (again) an Indian restaurant – not something Kas and I suggested but our guide brought us here. Lunch was a buffet and especially the thousand flies liked it – bleh. We also visited the largest black tea manufacturer of Malaysia, BOH. We ended the day at the Strawberry farm where we picked our own strawberry’s – our ‘safe’ dinner for that night.

30th of April – 3 May: Georgetown-Penang.

Saturday morning it was time to change the greenlandscape for a city in Penang; Georgetown. It was a 5 hour drive and 20 minutes by ferry to get there. We traveled together with a Dutch historyteacher who is on his way now for half a year. Kas and I are fascinated by some backpackers who travel by theirselves. Sometimes it might be helpful to have an instruction book ‘how to communicate with a backpacker who travels alone’.

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Penang was the first British settlement in Southeast Asia and is currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The enclave consists of colonial architecture built during the heyday of British rule over the Straits Settlements, mixed with Chinese shophouses, five foot ways and places of worship of various religions. George Town is awarded the UNESCO listing for its unique architectural and cultural townscape without parallel anywhere in East and Southeast Asia. Walking from the ferry to 80’s Guesthouse (our hostel) was already inspiring.

We started with a lovely coffee and some real (home made) yogurt at Mugshot. We had dinner at the Red Foodcourt, a place where lots of restaurant sell different types of food. They have everything. From sushi to wraps to real local food.

At 80’s guesthouse we booked 2 nights in a mixed dorm. Not only to safe some money, also to meet people easily. Sleeping in a dorm is not really good for your sleep though. Everybody walked in and out and the most spectacular thing that night were our 2 drunk roomies. The UK girls couldn’t barely walk, so getting up the bunk was a big fight.

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Sunday we spend the whole day in the city watching all the streetart. There’s so much to see in this city, you don’t even know where to look. The street art is 3D, not because of the painting itself, but because the artists used the ‘real world’ in their painting. For example the chair, the windows, the street..

We asked a local where we could have the best and cheapest beers – Georgetown is expensive and the beers have the same price as back home. He told us to go to Antarabangsa. A place where you can buy a beer for 4RM (1 euro) and they have plastic tabels and chairs outside on the street. This is the place where all the locals come together. Sunday we decided to go there and before we knew, we were surrounded by a group of people from all over the world. An older man from New Zealand, 2 guys from India, 2 locals, one man from France and 2 guys from Holland. That one beer became two and before we knew a couple of hours passed and it was 8.30. The Dutch guys really wanted to see the important Dutch football game of Ajax but beiing in Georgetown makes it pretty hard. But they did it. Half an hour later we were in a bar drinking beers, eating pizza and watching Ajax. Can you imagine how happy Kas was? It became a long, long night with lots of fun and a ‘few’ more beers..

I really hoped for some good sleep that night. I had some alcohol in my body so I thought that would help a bit. But we had 4 new roomies – oh yeah, I was the lucky girl sleeping with 5 guys in 1 room – and one of them was snorring súper loud. Think about someone snorring súper loud and multiply this with 10. That’s how loud it was. On top of that the guy next to me had a bad dinner and had a very bad stomach.. It was a horrible night.

Monday morning we woke up with a small hangover and both super tired due to our roomies. We spend our day drinking coffee, we saw some more streetart ánd Kas was looking for a house in GT. Unforunately the housew were more expensive than we thought (ánd hoped ;-)). After the best dinner ever at Mews Café we went to bed early because something exciting was waiting for us the next day….. We were going to Koh Lipe! A bit sad leaving this great city – if you ever have the change to go to GT please do! – but SO excited to go to the beach. We are both still in a ‘hurry’ and the flow from back home is still there. So we really hope to get the ‘chill modus’ somewhere on the beach.

We decided to stay till Tuesday on this beautiful Island and writing this from our hammock With a view on the beach I can tell you it’s the best decision so far. The only thing that will be a bit boring is the next blog…. So prepare yourselves ;-).