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16-04-2013 until 16-06-2013 

“We have a wedding to attend!” Our trip to St. Martin started with this news. My brother and sister in law (to be) were living on St. Martin and were happily in love, engaged and were getting married on the 18th of April 2013.

Our arrival at St. Martin started a bit messy. I loan a suitcase from my friend – so I could take a bit more stuff – and unfortunately this suitcase looks a bit ‘general’. The suitcase I have is pink and is very noticeable, you will never miss it. Obviously; you can miss the suitcase of my friend.  I think you already see where I’m going.

When we did arrive in apartment – which was crazy beautiful, but later on more about this – I tried to open the suitcase but it didn’t work with the code my friend gave me. I tried it for a hundred of times but it still didn’t work… Jep. I took the wrong suitcase. Perfect! Lucky me, my mom was at the apartment too and she drove me back to the airport. I felt like the most luckiest girl in the world – they still had my suitcase. Unfortunately for the people of the suitcase I took, they had to take another flight and took this flight without their suitcase. Yes. I felt guilty. Super guilty.

Anyhow. The apartment! We were staying at Les Balcons in Oyster Pond.  It was lovely. We had a giant bed, a lovely bathroom and we had our own terrace – with a barbecue and two sunbeds. If you are planning to go to St. Martin and still looking for a good stay, I obviously recommend Les Balcons!  

The bachelor party was a huge success – for both groups. And you could notice this the next morning – especially the men were having a great hangover. We decided to take the boat to Pinel – it was a perfect day to do absolutely nothing except from eating and sleeping.

And then.. It was THE day. The day of the wedding. I love weddings, especially when the wedding is on the beach. This day was like a fairytale. Michiel & Roos were the most beautiful Newlyweds I’ve ever seen. There was a romantic ceremony, a great dinner and afterwards a big party.
The day after the wedding it was time for a big lunch at Pinel with the family – including fresh lobster, sun and sandy toes.

Together with my other brother and his girlfriend, we decided to go to Anguilla on our last day. You can take the boat to Anguilla at the French part of the Island: in the harbor of Marigot. It’s only 20 minutes by boat. The water was quite rough and it is possible you’re getting a bit seasick. Yes – we experienced this ourselves.

I can tell you: the Island Anguilla is worth it. White beaches, blue water and a lot of deserted beaches. We visited Anguilla just for the day, but if you can spend more time here – please do this. It’s so pretty!

What else did we do in St. Martin? Honestly, not that much. We slept, eat, drink – a lot, and enjoyed the sunshine. St. Martin thank you for this perfect stay – hope to see you soon!



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